Over the last 10 years we’ve designed 100’s of kms of mountain bike trail, Helped secure many £100K of funding, and built new facilities from scotland to sicily!

Facilities to suit your requirements and budget – with expert, on-site advice and step-by-step support.

Mountain biking participation has grown consistently over the last decade and is now estimated to contribute £149m per year to the Scottish economy alone.  Across Europe this figure is estimated to be billions of Euros.

Would you like to join hundreds of other organisations – from schools to ski resorts, local communities to regional administrations, diversified farms to wind farms – who are now reaping the benefits that mountain bike trails and other cycling facilities can offer?

Founded by Tom Durham, founder chairman of the award-winning Scottish Mountain Biking Consortium, Collective Trax can help make this dream a reality wherever you are based.

With 20 years’ experience in the industry across the world, both as a guide and a ground worker, Tom has an in-depth understanding of what makes for a great trail – and how to achieve it. Splitting his time between Scotland, and the Aosta Valley in the Italian Alps, Tom can advise on your project, wherever you are.

From pinpointing the ideal site to helping you secure the necessary funding, Collective Trax can help you every step of the way – and make sure your trail construction matches your unique requirements and design.

But why not let Tom explain more in person – get in touch to discuss your project!

Trail Design & Consultancy

A great riding experience begins with a properly designed trail.

With 20 years’ experience in the industry and working with trusted partners, we can certainly give you a solid professional opinion on how to achieve this.

But of course, no two projects are the same and every organisation has its own unique requirements, objectives and ideas. But don’t worry, we are able to advise on all aspects of facility development, from minor maintenance to full-scale feasibility studies, so we’ve got you covered!

So get in touch and lets discuss your project.  We’ll give you some advice on what to do next and how best to progress, depending on what stage you are at with your development.  

You’ll get the benefit of expert advice, and once you are ready, we’ll come and discuss in detail and on the ground, exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.

So get in touch and let an expert advise you.

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Trail Construction

Just as important as the design is making sure your trail is built to a high standard.

Trail construction techniques differ for every trail, and often within particular sections – so you need a professional mountain bike trail builder to ensure that the best method is utilised at each stage.

As an experienced guide, coach and trail designer, Collective Trax founder Tom Durham understands the difference a well-made trail makes not only to the riding experience, but also the sustainability of the trail, and crucially to the safety of users.

We work closely in the UK with CR Contracting North Ltd, expert trail builders who can ride as well as they can operate an excavator! When it comes to building your trail, together we can take care of the whole process for you.

Or, if you prefer to use your own contractor, Tom will work on-site with them to ensure your trail is built with the correct rhythm and flow for optimal enjoyment and safety of the intended users.

I’m Ready To Build Trails, Tell Me More


Auchenblae Parks Committee have just completed a pump track / bike trail around the football pitch in Auchenblae.  The committee had the initial idea for the track and raised funding from a number of sources to pay for the work.  We then had the good fortune to engage with Collective Trax and Tom Durham.  Tom took our initial design ideas and worked with us to finalise the layout / structure of the tracks.  Tom also recommended the grounds work contractor and supervised the work during the planning, construction and completion of the track.  The work was completed on time and below budget, with no HSE issues.

As a village and a committee we are extremely happy with the work done by Collective Trax.  The trails have been open since the start of the summer holidays and have been very well used with very positive feedback from everyone.

Jim Titmuss, Auchenblae Parks Committee

Tom recently completed a trail network of 4km of new trails in Lochore Meadows Country Park where his involvement began with a proposal in 2014 right through to the detailed design and consultant during the build phase with the project completed in March 2017.

Tom has a very professional approach to all aspects of his work.  He is thorough in preparation, communicates promptly and clearly and ensures that all aspects of a project are well thought through.

Over the past few years he has developed a good network of contacts in the area of trail building and so you can be confident his work is up to date with best practise.

We appointed Tom as the consultant for our trail project as it was important to have someone we could trust to head up and lead the project but also who would keep us fully informed and involve us in decision making when relevant.  Tom fulfilled this and delivered the project on time and on budget.  For these reasons I would be very happy to recommend him for future projects.

Ali Dreyer, Outdoor Learning Manager, Outdoor Education Fife

Portable Bike Tracks

If you’re looking for a more flexible option – or don’t have the budget or space to commit to a purpose built trail right now – a portable bike track from our friends at Shoretrax could be the answer.

The Shoretrax Portable Bike Track System:

  • Is lightweight and compact – for easy storage and transport
  • Can be assembled quickly without tools, on any flat surface
  • Can be set up in an almost infinite number of layouts
  • Offers progressive feature options – great for coaching mountain bike skills
  • Shoretrax system used for shop demo
  • Shoretrax 40m pumptrack
  • Shoretrax skinny section
  • Shoretrax system used to create obstacles for kids racing
  • Shoretrax portable bike track system
  • Shoretrax system used for coaching in schools
  • Young rider on a Shoretrax berm
  • Shoretrax system stacked up on a pallet for transportation
  • Shoretrax system split into modular features for a cycle event
  • Shoretrax system adapted for all ability cycling

But why not see it for yourself?

Portable Track hire

Our good friends at Muckmedden Events have over 70 metres of Shoretrax portable bike track and hire it out across the UK for various events, as well as acting as Scottish Agents for Shoretrax. 

Give them a call to discuss it further with them!

About Collective Trax

I’m Tom Durham, former chairman of the award-winning Scottish Mountain Biking Consortium and founder of Collective Trax.

With 20 years’ experience in the mountain biking industry, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges people face when designing, building, and using different facilities. As well as the excitement, pride and financial rewards experienced when a great facility really pays off.

I founded Collective Trax to help more organisations – from small community groups and schools to large commercial organisations – take advantage of all the benefits that a professionally developed mountain biking trail or facility can bring.

I deal personally with all clients, to maintain a high level of service and ensure delivery of an excellent facility.

Working with trusted partners and splitting my time between Scotland and Italy, we are able to extend our services across Europe and beyond.

To find out more, just get in touch using the contact details below.

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Or, if you’d rather get in touch directly, you can contact Tom directly using the details below:

+44 (0)7823 338691