Portable Bike Tracks

If you’re looking for a more flexible option – or don’t have the budget or space to commit to a purpose built trail right now – a portable bike track from our friends at Shoretrax could be the answer.

The Shoretrax Portable Bike Track System:

  • Is lightweight and compact – for easy storage and transport
  • Can be assembled quickly without tools, on any flat surface
  • Can be set up in an almost infinite number of layouts
  • Offers progressive feature options – great for coaching mountain bike skills
  • Shoretrax system used for shop demo
  • Shoretrax 40m pumptrack
  • Shoretrax skinny section
  • Shoretrax system used to create obstacles for kids racing
  • Shoretrax portable bike track system
  • Shoretrax system used for coaching in schools
  • Young rider on a Shoretrax berm
  • Shoretrax system stacked up on a pallet for transportation
  • Shoretrax system split into modular features for a cycle event
  • Shoretrax system adapted for all ability cycling

But why not see it for yourself?

Portable Track hire

Our good friends at Muckmedden Events have over 70 metres of Shoretrax portable bike track and hire it out across the UK for various events, as well as acting as Scottish Agents for Shoretrax. 

Give them a call to discuss it further with them!